1. Midnight food run with my dad. #buffalowildwings #heisavegeterian #imnot |Seattle,WA

  2. Another cool door| Seattle, WA

  3. Introducing Betty: The Lifesaver. I praise God for Betty today. @bellapumps helped me out soooo much today. Such a good person!! 😢

  4. Played with seaweed today. My favorite past time. Ever. Beachin| Laguna Beach, CA

  5. I played with seaweed today. My favorite past time. Ever.

  6. Morning everyone!! Hello!


  7. Anonymous said: Can u summarize what is up with Dashcon???? I see it everywhere but don't really understand what's going on.





    • A tumblr convention, set up by this group of people
    • Appeared to be a pretty legit event, with guests such as Steam Powered Giraffe and Welcome To Night Vale. 
    • Steam Powered Giraffe canceled LONG AGO, even though they’re STILLpushing Steam Powered Giraffe tickets for tomorrow.
    • WTNV walked out due to lack of payment. Dashcon “”“”staff”“”” isn’t being very transparent about WHY there was no payment. 
    • First day of the convention, there was some misunderstanding about the hotel contract (they had a ‘verbal contract’ wtf) and they needed to raise SEVENTEEN GRAND ON THE SPOT IN TWO HOURS.
    • they did it, and people are pissed
    • Although they promised everyone who payed for special WTNV seating a refund, they couldn’t afford to refund them, so bought them a ball pit instead. People who reserved seating get an extra hour in the ball pit
    • . No one knows where the 17k is, and the hotel/convention center was contacted, and never demanded any 17k.
    • emmagrant01:  Yes, there is a bouncy castle and a ball pit!
    • They’re letting minors into a panel about BDSM. No one knows if this one is true or not- or if that panel is even happening, but there are lots of nc-17/R panels that supposedly children are getting into
    • tumblr children are being shitbabies and sang les mis and queen until the hotel let them in.
    • Everyone is comparing it to Canterlot Gardens- and even more serverely, las pegasus unicon. 
    • WTNVhad to pay for their own airfare and stop their tour for this event, and are getting no compensation whatsoever.
    • The vendors room is strangely empty
    • Famous artistGeothebio is taking a break from tumblr, because she’s getting negativity from this event
    • Emma Grant, known for the Sherlock fanfiction ‘a cure for boredom’ was considered a guest. For writing a PWP fic.
    • They’re claiming to be a “Random Acts of Kindness Partner” when Random Acts of Kindness are like ‘yeah nope. ONE of our volunteers works there.”
    • Basically, the whole thing is looking like a big ol’ scam.
    • this fucking mess
    • The game room consists of a table and a tv. That’s it.
    • sorry this took so long!!!!

    This is hilarious. I’m so happy this event is going on


  8. heyfranhey:

    Daily OM writes:

    If you want to be free from unhealthy relationships, then the first step is not to call, text, e-mail or even Facebook a person that you:

    · Have broken up with or has broken up with you

    · Have determined is abusive

    · Are highly attracted to but…

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  9. This is what I feel like right now

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    Happy 4th of July errybody!

    This right here. Merica.

    this is the only 4th of July post i’m reblogging because it’s smeared with perfection

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    In the late 1960’s, photographer Arthur Tress began a series of photographs that were inspired by the dreams of children. Tress had each child he approached tell him about a prominent dream of theirs which Tress would then artistically re-create and photograph with the child as the main subject. 

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  13. "Spotless, beautifully blameless
    Tragically broken because of love.
    All sin taken upon Him
    Willingly broken because of love,

    because of love.

    -Spotless, Gungor”